Collaboration with Playstation Gran Turismo 7 in Sweden.

I was invited to design some thirty liveries in conjunction with the Gran Turismo 7 launch and their 25 year anniversary. The idea was to highlight what is seen as typically Swedish phenomena and I wanted to combine that with the aesthetics of racing. The aim was also to inspire players to design their own Gran Turismo cars. Below you will find some of the available designs.

From top to bottom:

  1. Sample car. 2. The wrench is a Swedish invention. 3. The Allen Key is a nod to IKEA. 4. Fika, the coffe break is a must. 5. Sample car. 6 The cinnamon bun goes perfectly with the coffee 7. The wolf is common in Sweden. 8. Safety Matches is a Swedish patent. 9. Taco Friday. Taco is not a Swedish dish but Taco Friday is a well established concept in Sweden. 10. Falukorv is a lightly smoked bologna sausage. 11. When you drive a car in big parts of Sweden, it feels like a moose is lurking around every corner.