”If ever there was a contemporary artist whose work could mistakenly be positioned in the glamorous vaults of the past, Bo Lundberg is that artist. With a palette for exquisite simplicity, elegant colour, striking graphic elements and a hint of abstraction, his oeuvre oozes retro cool.

Ever since Saul Bass stunned cinema-goers with his graphically simplistic film title sequence of Otto Preminger’s ‘The Man with the Golden Arm’ in 1955, graphic artists (Andy Warhol included) have been pushing the boundaries of visual communication in its most simple form – to great effect.

Bo Lundberg’s art, very much in this ilk, is no different – a clever interpretation of the glamorous world in which he (or James Bond for that matter) lives. Drawing inspiration from objects he comes across in everyday life, the result is a harmonious testimony to how he has honed his skill without losing sight of his belief that for an image to work, it should reflect something to which the viewer is able to relate.

With a roster of international clients to his name such as Wallpaper magazine, Vogue, Elle, Escada, Coca Cola, MTV, Neiman-Marcus, Rolling Stone and Scandinavian Airlines, perhaps his own film title sequence should read something like ‘Catch Me if you Can’.”

-Voir Magazine

In addition to that Bo has worked for Rolling Stone, Universal Pictures, Bloomingdales and Playstation Gran Turismo 7.